Vancouver’s Best Local Papers And Blogs–The Georgia Straight, The Vancouver Sun And More!

by Cy Chan

Drum roll please! For local people and visitors, it’s nice to know Vancouver has lots of free and paid publications that provides plenty of news and events. Here are a few to look out for:

1. The Georgia Straight

It comes out weekly and can be found at news stands in just about every neighbourhood in Vancouver, community centres or even your local veterinary. What’s so great about this paper? It has plenty of interesting articles about local politics, fashion or the latest fad. I love the local listings offering readers information about upcoming events, concerts, plays and movie listings. Sometimes you might be able to find a coupon to help you save money at a local restaurant or event.

Vancouver’s Folk Music Festival Served Up Range of Music to Thousands of Hungry Music Lovers

July 15 2012

Public Art Thrives in Vancouver

Public Art on English BayCat MuralIf you are looking for art in Vancouver, look again. It’s all around you. For starters, you can take a stroll to one of Vancouver’s many beaches to see public art. You might come across a line of chairs stretched across the area near the beach. It’s got a few half phrases on the chairs and if you understand the meaning, all power to you. Nearby, there is an amazing cat mural near a coffee shop. Stay late, and you may witness one of Vancouver’s amazing sunsets.

Wreck Beach -A Magnet for Nude Sunbathers, Hikers, Bird Lovers and Artists

Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable about nude sunbathers. On a sunny day, you may see a handful of brave nudists. There are more people fully clothed than the nudists. Many come to sit on the beach, play the guitar and enjoy a picnic. It is a beach that is a favorite year-round. It is not proper etiquette to take photos of the nudists, but feel free to take pictures of the wonderful scenery. If you want to walk and explore the beach, it is mostly a rocky area, so wear sturdy shoes.

Fabulous Totem Poles to see in Stanley Park

If you are looking for things to explore in Vancouver, check out the world-famous Stanley Park. Within the park, you will find plenty to do, including fine dining, walking, jogging and cycling. If you are in the mood for First Nations culture, check out the immensely popular totem poles in the park. Tourists come by the bus load to take photos and admire the intricate carving. Parking may be more difficult to find close to the totem poles, but you can always walk or cycle to the free site.





Winter Fun at English Bay, Vancouver, BC

Feb 2012

Vancouver’s relatively mild weather attracts locals and visitors to the beach and winter is no exception. On a recent February mildly foggy weekend afternoon, English Bay was the place where people gathered to watch a street entertainer from England perform an escape act, sprinkled with comedy. Nearby, a lone drummer on a bench played a rhythmic beat, while others walked along the beach, taking pictures of a distant fog that made boats disappear and reappear. Kites flew and people gaped and smiled  at an Amazing Laughter sculpture by Yue Minjun.



Fishing -Near Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC

Wreck Beach may be famous because of the fact that it is a clothing optional beach. However, many folks go there to see the scenery, hike through the trails and even fish!

On a sunny day, thousands of people go to the beach  to sun-bathe, visit with friends and soak in the atmosphere.

The sunset is often beautiful and when the tides are high, people  can sit back, relax and just meditate on the beauty that is all around them. Welcomes the World

The best thing about Vancouver, Canada is that it has an abundance of things to do for visitors. Vancouver welcomes the world. The city boasts a landscape that includes beaches and trails for hiking, biking or walking. For the foodie, it boasts world-class restaurants, major shopping areas with well-known brands and things to do for people of all ages. It also has a transportation system that is easy to use, inexpensive and allows people to get to and from places easily and conveniently. Its residents are fluent in many languages, and are friendly and eager to welcome newcomers and showcase their city. This site intends to showcase the best of Vancouver and help visitors navigate the city easily, while pointing out the best attractions to do. So whether you are here for one day, two days, one week or a few months, Vancouver welcomes you! Enjoy our city!
Enjoy our restaurants, the nightlife, the parks.
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