Fishing -Near Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC

Wreck Beach may be famous because of the fact that it is a clothing optional beach. However, many folks go there to see the scenery, hike through the trails and even fish!

On a sunny day, thousands of people go to the beach  to sun-bathe, visit with friends and soak in the atmosphere.

The sunset is often beautiful and when the tides are high, people  can sit back, relax and just meditate on the beauty that is all around them.

The way down to the beach is easy, but unfortunately not wheel chair accessible. Several dozen steps lead you down to the beach where you may see some semi-naked to fully naked sun-lovers. However, the fully clothed and the curious may number more than the clothing optional enthusiastic. Don’t fret if you are not a nudist. This beach is for everyone interested in a place where you can appreciate the sun, surf and nature.

Where it is: It’s situated near the sprawling University of BC. campus in Vancouver at the corner of University Blvd and NW marine drive.

Afterwards, you may want to amble down for a pint at the nearby UBC pub. Or, if you have the energy, play some tennis at several tennis courts nearby.




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