Wreck Beach -A Magnet for Nude Sunbathers, Hikers, Bird Lovers and Artists

Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable about nude sunbathers. On a sunny day, you may see a handful of brave nudists. There are more people fully clothed than the nudists. Many come to sit on the beach, play the guitar and enjoy a picnic. It is a beach that is a favorite year-round. It is not proper etiquette to take photos of the nudists, but feel free to take pictures of the wonderful scenery. If you want to walk and explore the beach, it is mostly a rocky area, so wear sturdy shoes.

At the area known as Tower Beach, you can see two tall instrument towers, which are relics from World War II.

At the top of the trail, especially during the summer, you will find licensed vendors selling pop and ice cream. Once down the steps, you may not see any vendors, so be sure to pack some bottled water or pop, especially if it is sunny and hot. Portable toilets are available year-round.

When you are finished visiting the area, you might want to visit the nearby University of B.C. We usually head to the Student Union Building, where on the weekend, you can find some good campus grub, including pizza, fish and chips, burgers or poutine. All at student prices. The area is home to new condo buildings, tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool which is also open to a paying public.

If you plan to go, Wreck Beach is easily accessible by bus or by car. Unfortunately, the beach requires a steep hike down the stairs and is not wheel chair accessible. Dogs are also not allowed on the beach.sunny and hot. Portable toilets are available year-round.href=”http://VancouverCanadaA1.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/IMG_5530.jpg”>

Steps Lead to Wreck Beach

An Abandoned relic from the Second World War Stands Guard on the Beach

A Close-Up on Art Found on one of the Towers at Wreck Beach

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