Vancouver’s Best Local Papers And Blogs–The Georgia Straight, The Vancouver Sun And More!

by Cy Chan

Drum roll please! For local people and visitors, it’s nice to know Vancouver has lots of free and paid publications that provides plenty of news and events. Here are a few to look out for:

1. The Georgia Straight

It comes out weekly and can be found at news stands in just about every neighbourhood in Vancouver, community centres or even your local veterinary. What’s so great about this paper? It has plenty of interesting articles about local politics, fashion or the latest fad. I love the local listings offering readers information about upcoming events, concerts, plays and movie listings. Sometimes you might be able to find a coupon to help you save money at a local restaurant or event.

On the down side, towards the back end of the newspaper, some of the classified ads are a bit racy, featuring scantily-clad ladies and young men offering personal services like massage. In this area, you will also find an equally racy column, Savage Love, which deals with sexual questions and issues in very blunt language. Reader be warned if you are prudish or shy.

But on the whole, The Georgia Straight is one the city’s finest free publications offering news and entertainment in a style that is easy-to-read and stylish.

2. The Vancouver Sun/The Province

These paid publications are great resources and provide news, weather, sports and more. A lot of places also give away these newspapers for free upon purchase of food, such as McDonalds.

The Province is smaller of the two and opens like a tabloid. It’s quick news and easy to read while you are on your commute or riding the Skytrain. The Province publishes every day except Saturday. The Sunday edition is normally filled with more special things like special investigations or home listings

The Vancouver Sun is larger of the two and contains more detailed articles. It publishes every day except Sunday. On Saturdays, you will also find a much larger newspaper featuring special stories.

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