Maps of Vancouver, Parking info and Plenty of Advice

This link has plenty of tourist-friendly maps of Vancouver.

You can also get around by asking a local resident who is only too happy to help.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of parking meters downtown. If you are an American, don’t worry, meters will accept your coins as well as major credit cards.

Buses are a great way to get around as well. You can buy an all-day pass which is convenient and less expensive than buying a one-way ticket.


Want to hail a cab? There are plenty of cabs available. You can either hail them down, or go to a major hotel where you will find some cabs parked and waiting for customers.

The above link has the numbers of some cab companies. Save a few in your cellphone for convenience before your trip.

It’s recommended to ask the price of the fare before you accept the ride. Cab drivers are friendly and hard working and would only be too happy to take you to your destination.




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